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PhD Application Procedure

NOTE: The email address stated on the supporting infomation form has changed - all applications and personal information forms must be sent to: CNR Admin (

Applicants must complete & submit the supporting information form. Click here to access this form Any application coming from another source will not be considered.

Outline of information needed for completion of this form:

  • Section 1: your contact details, preferably including both a telephone number and an email address;
  • Section 2: curriculum vitae details, including the level of education and neuroscience experience already achieved. Include transcripts of performance in university examinations and/or grades in all undergraduate or graduate courses/modules already taken;
  • Section 3: a brief statement (less than 500 words) of your research interests and career plans;
  • Section 4: the names and contact details, including email addresses, of two academic referees; your application may be processed more quickly if your referees email their recommendations in advance

It is essential that all sections are complete in order for us to process your application.

All these applications will then be evaluated at a committee meeting represented by the PI's within CNR. This committee meets bi-annually, dependent on the funding available.


  • Our search is currently closed and no positions are available. The PhD search for the next academic year (September 2015) will open in late October/early November 2014.

Successful applicants will be given information on the funding assigned to them and the duration of their programme. You must then follow the University guidelines for formal application. Only once you have been accepted by the centre do you then submit a formal application through the University of Edinburgh postgraduate website. This site has information on cut-off dates for registration, particularly for international students, therefore it is advised to check this once you have been advised of a decision.


Please note, non-UK, non-EU students are required to pay Foreign Postgraduate student fees. Outstanding students from overseas may qualify and be nominated by the University for receipt of a Edinburgh Global Research Studentship to cover the difference between UK/EU student fees and foreign student fees. Edinburgh Global Studentships can be highly competitive with many unsuccessful applicants. Thus, you must check the University Postgraduate Fees that you will be required to pay and whether these can be met by your own sources of funding.

Candidates with independent sources of funding

We welcome applications from candidates with their own sources of funding, these candidates are still subject to the application process outlined above. Please note that in addition to payment of fees at the appropriate level, you will also be required to pay Research Costs, which will depend on the nature of the research to be conducted. Research Costs for projects involving molecular biological techniques, for example, may exceed £8,000 per year. The level of Research Costs should be discussed and established with your intended supervisor. You will also need about £13,550 per year to live on (the current level of stipend for Research Council Studentships). Thus the real cost of studying as supervised PhD student at the University of Edinburgh and living in Edinburgh may be as high as £30,000 per year, or more, for up to four years.

The applications procedure for self funding applicants is the same as described above. Please indicate clearly on the official Edinburgh University form of application for admission as a Postgraduate Student that you are prepared to fund the cost of your PhD training in full.

English Language Requirements for Foreign Postgraduate Students

Overseas students whose first language is not English are required by the University to demonstrate adequate proficiency in English before they are allowed to matriculate and register as a postgraduate student. Details can be found here:
English Language Requirements for Postgraduate Students


Further information not covered by the above may be obtained by contacting:

Prof. Catherina G. Becker
Head of Postgraduate Training
Centre for Neuroregeneration
49 Little France Crescent
EH16 4SB
United Kingdom

Email: Prof. Catherina Becker

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